September 26, 2008

3 day weekend...

James is obsessed with our computers.... I'm just not sure where the computer obsession comes from... ha ha.

Yesterday was James' 11 month birthday. Seems hard to believe that he's almost a year old. AND, I am holding my breath, but I think we *may* have a child who is beginning to sleep through the night. I hate to even utter the words, for fear of jinxing myself.

Also, James has a little buddy who comes over on the weekday mornings... they are cute together. He is Vietnamese, and when they are together - it sounds like James is speaking his language.

We had a party for my work on Lake Lanier today. The food was great.  I love food these days - okay, I love food all days whether pregnant or not, but when the brownies came out, everyone said, "MEREDITH! Brownies!"

I got a funny sunburn for wearing a necklace and a cardigan (yes, the forecast was chilly...turns out - not so much.)

Have I mentioned just how much I love this husband of mine? He is such a wonderful friend and father. James loves him so much - the kid lights up the room when he sees "da da da da da."

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