September 30, 2008

No diapers? No problemo!

I arrived at work this morning, only to have a phone call from our nanny.
"Miss Merri... um, there is only one diaper."
"One diaper, where?"
In the house. In whole house. I checked everywhere. There are only diapers for baby girl."
"Oh no."
"He might last until 11:00. Maybe so. If no 'bad' diaper happens."

"Oh no."

"I do not have carseat. Mr. James has carseat in his car. I cannot do anything."

I had an idea. After some good old-fashioned brainstorming, our nanny wrangled up four diapers from James' new friend down the street. Saved by the baby in the neighborhood.

Probably not going to get a vote for "mother of the year" for this one.

Oh, and to top the day off.... today, James had his first "choking" episode. I hear that all babies will have at least one. He's been in the clear. Tonight it was peaches. He looked at me funny, then turned red, then looked panicked... I realized what was happening... my big, pregnant buns have never moved so fast. Before I knew it, that baby boy was out of the high chair, hanging halfway over my shoulder, and breathing fine. I'm not sure how I knocked it loose... I just did. (And I only slightly managed to knock his head on the dining room light).

Saving child from choking - that must get me a "mother of the year" vote, effectively canceling out the diaper fiasco from earlier, right?

I'm tired.

Tomorrow, I head "out of town" for a conference...I put "out of town" in quotes, because really, I am just going to the Ritz in Buckhead for a night. First night away from baby boy, and I am really nervous.

Keeping fingers crossed.