October 19, 2008

Married 7 Years

Today, Jason and I have been married 7 years... Time has flown, and I am still amazed how much we have grown. And I can honestly say, that each and every day, I love this man more and more, and I consider myself more blessed than words can properly express.

This has probably been the first year out of 7 that we did not have some huge anniversary production.

And yet, this year... has been the most fulfilling.

Here's to 7 more years together... and 50 more after that.

I love you, Jason. I am so proud of you. Thank you for loving me.
And thank you for our babies... your son who has your joyful spirit and silly smile, and your daughter, who no doubt has your strong legs and nighttime thrashing habit.

You are the best part of me. I am glad you're mine.


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