November 25, 2008

James' One Year Checkup

Little monkey is 26 lbs, and 32 inches tall...
...95% percentile for height, and 80% in weight.

November 24, 2008

Life... at the speed of light.

So, apparently we have a one year old. This snuck up on me today as I was watching this video, and thinking of Stella on her way.

I am anxious about Stella's arrival, but in a different way than I was with James. This is more like a calm before the storm, instead of the worry before the cluelessness.

I know what to expect this time (no sleep, no energy, the woes of having a child literally latched on to oneself, wondering who this baby is and when her parents are coming to pick her up)...and that peace is priceless.

I am not going to suffer embarassment with lugging a breastpump work - I'm going to hoist the darn thing over my shoulder and announce "no one open this office door, or ELSE!" I will not care when Stella is screaming at the top of her lungs because James has spilled his milk over her head at the Mexican restaurant, and I will be one giving dirty looks to the folks who are giving ME dirty looks for the loud children I dared to bring out in public. Oh yes, I am a MOM now. And there are things I just do not care about anymore!

I used to wear contacts each and every morning and suffer through 8+ hours of high heels. And I will certainly be doing this by May 2009 (when I can no longer have an excuse for flip flops). In the meantime, however... I am packing my heft into stretchy pants, my meat feet into clogs, and plodding to work...celebrating each and every second I have left in this pregnancy, and cherishing all the spit-covered days to come.

Jason and I have been blessed beyond words. I may complain about the trials of motherhood for years to come... but deep down, I will never mean a word of it.  Or if I do, then it will greatly reduce every year.

November 22, 2008

The Mayfield Dairy

Today we went on a "tour" of the Mayfield Dairy. I put "tour" in quotes, because we did not make the tour. We were all required to wear hairnets, including James, and he would have none of it. So we got to see the first 3 minutes.

BUT, it was still a fun time... there was a great gift shop and James had some ice cream. All in all... good day.

Too bad I am about to pop from this pregnancy.

November 13, 2008

Walking boy....and Birthday Video

So now that James is walking, we are in a complete and total panic all the time. Tonight he face-planted, right into his shiny firetruck... and poor little monkey is clearly going to have a shiner. But he's a boy, and a walking one at that... what can we expect.

Today was a very stressful work day, but I came home to a sweet baby boy, and walked upstairs to see a hot pinkly decorated baby girl room, and I realized how thoroughly my cup runneth over.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

8 or so more weeks to go... and officially, HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Love to you all.

November 2, 2008

Baby James' First Steps

Okay, so he's been taking a few steps here and there, but today, we officially have a walker. He took steps and fell, and got up and did it again... for over twenty minutes. So funny. Enjoy!

What Happened to the Dawgs?

My goodness... that GA/FL game. We should not even speak of it.

Instead, check out this Bathtime Baby James video. It was taken awhile ago, but I just go around to uploading it.