November 24, 2008

Life... at the speed of light.

So, apparently we have a one year old. This snuck up on me today as I was watching this video, and thinking of Stella on her way.

I am anxious about Stella's arrival, but in a different way than I was with James. This is more like a calm before the storm, instead of the worry before the cluelessness.

I know what to expect this time (no sleep, no energy, the woes of having a child literally latched on to oneself, wondering who this baby is and when her parents are coming to pick her up)...and that peace is priceless.

I am not going to suffer embarassment with lugging a breastpump work - I'm going to hoist the darn thing over my shoulder and announce "no one open this office door, or ELSE!" I will not care when Stella is screaming at the top of her lungs because James has spilled his milk over her head at the Mexican restaurant, and I will be one giving dirty looks to the folks who are giving ME dirty looks for the loud children I dared to bring out in public. Oh yes, I am a MOM now. And there are things I just do not care about anymore!

I used to wear contacts each and every morning and suffer through 8+ hours of high heels. And I will certainly be doing this by May 2009 (when I can no longer have an excuse for flip flops). In the meantime, however... I am packing my heft into stretchy pants, my meat feet into clogs, and plodding to work...celebrating each and every second I have left in this pregnancy, and cherishing all the spit-covered days to come.

Jason and I have been blessed beyond words. I may complain about the trials of motherhood for years to come... but deep down, I will never mean a word of it.  Or if I do, then it will greatly reduce every year.

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