November 13, 2008

Walking boy....and Birthday Video

So now that James is walking, we are in a complete and total panic all the time. Tonight he face-planted, right into his shiny firetruck... and poor little monkey is clearly going to have a shiner. But he's a boy, and a walking one at that... what can we expect.

Today was a very stressful work day, but I came home to a sweet baby boy, and walked upstairs to see a hot pinkly decorated baby girl room, and I realized how thoroughly my cup runneth over.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

8 or so more weeks to go... and officially, HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Love to you all.

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The Brooks Family said...

Awww, such a cute boy you have! I know how you feel about being in a panic with him walking now. Scott and I were nervous wrecks when Logan fist started. Honestly, I can remember using pillows and couch cushions to block all of the dangerous things. It really didn't matter though, he still ended up with bruises everywhere! We used to joke that we needed to buy him a helmet and knee pads. Trust me though, it passes quickly. He'll be running before you know it =) Now he can help you with baby Stella =)