December 29, 2008

Tonight Tonight....Tomorrow

We are heading to the hospital in the next few hours - waiting on a call from the hospital for a room to open up. I will be induced in the morning and hopefully baby girl will be here by tomorrow afternoon or so. We will keep you all posted.

Love to you all,

December 27, 2008

James' "First" Haircut

So James has been to "Meredith's Clip and Dip," but today he went to Pigtails & Crewcuts at Mall of Georgia for his first official haircut. It did not go so well, as you can see. He, does however, look quite handsome now.

He sat in a firetruck, but once the cape went on... freak-out central. He brought down the house. He looked at us, helplessly, like "Please! Please! Mom and Dad - how can you do this to me?"

December 25, 2008

Baby's Second Christmas

Day at the park last Sunday... it was coooooold.

We are sitting on a nest egg, waiting for Stella's arrival, so we had a very quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Yesterday, we decided to try and brave the crowds at the mall...however, the crowds were not that bad. We took James to Bass Pro Shop, where Santa was waiting... James walked right up to Santa, but once placed in Santa's lap, he would have none of it. James liked looking at the fish in the aquarium there, and riding the carosel. We ate at Johnny Rockets (ick), where I had to request a table after they sat us at a booth (because I didn't even come close to fitting my belly in the booth!).

Today, James enjoyed opening up some presents, although he is much more impressed with eating wrapping paper than anything else. He topped off the morning by falling on the kitchen floor and donning a huge "goose-egg" on his forehead, coupled with lots of grumping around after that. Poor little monkey.

We definitely miss our family today --- I think it's the first time in 29 years that I have been without mine, and 32 for Jason. Strange.

I also believe that James can sense the changes that are coming with Stella's impending arrival, and that's also making for a very weird day. We are going to pack up and take James to the park later today - at least Daddy is - I am hoping for a big pregnant nap!

December 18, 2008

"Had a Bad Day Again"

One of those days.

Jason and I totally forgot that our nanny had her son's Christmas play to attend today... we had given her the afternoon off. Jason and I both scheduled lunches, forgot about it, and did not get her messages in time to commute home... I scurried home, but she still missed it, and we are total jerks. I feel like a total, absolute schmuck.

About fifteen other issues popped up today, and my pregnant head is spinning, my big ole belly aching. Poor Stella. The amount of stress - she can probably taste it in my amniotic fluid. And this is the place I am supposed to protect her. Total schmuck.

In the grand scheme of things, absolutely nothing tragic has happened, but the culmination of these "small" things in one afternoon has made for a very unsettling sense of house. I feel inadequately nested also, due in part to working far too long in this pregnancy, this time.

Tomorrow will be a good day, a better day. I will certainly sleep for the first time in a week - I'm just too tired not to. And tomorrow is my baby shower at work. Presents, food and great co-workers. A doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Three things that will make today go away.

And then there's Stella herself. In approximately ten days, we'll meet her. What can be better than that? Not a thing in the world.

December 14, 2008

Sickly Sunday

James is sick. I just came down with it. And now Jason. Ugh. We need to pull the dark drapes closed upon the house and put up "keep out" signs.

On the flip side, Stella Bella will be arriving by the 29th of this month, looks like (in other words, 16 days...whoa). I'll be induced on the 29th if she's not here already, and then poof - instantly a family of four. We are very excited. A "date certain" does wonders for my OCD tendencies.

With James, I was content to let him "cook" until he felt ready to arrive. And cook he did, to the tune of almost 9 pounds and a week late. And I think he would have cooked longer if Jason and I didn't delve into ancient Chinese acupressure and old wives' tales. At least with Stella, she probably won't make it to 9 pounds, although I'm sure she's going to be tipping the scales in the 8 pound range. This pregnancy has been totally different, and it calls for different measures... and I, for once, am flexible enough to roll with the punches. Motherhood does wonders for the A-type control freaks... I cannot decide if it makes us better, or if it just represses the monster until the kids' teenage years... to be seen.

Either way, the joy of very soon, having a baby girl in this house... is just beyond words.

December 7, 2008

Time is ticking down...

Okay... so how scary is this pregnancy ticker? It's on the LAST block!

pregnancy calendar

At least it made me pack a hospital bag and push Jason to put the other car seat in the car. I am ready now. :)

December 5, 2008


Thank goodness for Friday.

And thank goodness for:
1) puppets, and
2) hospital online pre-registration.

December 3, 2008


So James' first birthday has come and gone.... our 7th wedding anniversary... my 29th birthday... and now, Thanksgiving 2008. The crazy part is that Christmas is going to fly by, and then a new baby. The panic is starting to set in. I managed to set out a suitcase today, to pack for the hospital. That's as far as I got. But it's progress. I have exactly fourteen work days left before my vacation days, and then maternity leave. I am ready for Stella to arrive, but she really needs to wait until then - there's so much left to do. If she's anything like her brother...we'll have to coax her out for days.

James now goes on daily walks with Ms. Luz... here is a slew of videos taken today by Dad. I couldn't choose which ones I loved best. So i will post them all.

We are so proud of the little monkey. He just keeps us laughing, and laughter is the good stuff in life.

My very good friend, Beth, had her baby last Tuesday, November 25th, by the way. :)