December 25, 2008

Baby's Second Christmas

Day at the park last Sunday... it was coooooold.

We are sitting on a nest egg, waiting for Stella's arrival, so we had a very quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Yesterday, we decided to try and brave the crowds at the mall...however, the crowds were not that bad. We took James to Bass Pro Shop, where Santa was waiting... James walked right up to Santa, but once placed in Santa's lap, he would have none of it. James liked looking at the fish in the aquarium there, and riding the carosel. We ate at Johnny Rockets (ick), where I had to request a table after they sat us at a booth (because I didn't even come close to fitting my belly in the booth!).

Today, James enjoyed opening up some presents, although he is much more impressed with eating wrapping paper than anything else. He topped off the morning by falling on the kitchen floor and donning a huge "goose-egg" on his forehead, coupled with lots of grumping around after that. Poor little monkey.

We definitely miss our family today --- I think it's the first time in 29 years that I have been without mine, and 32 for Jason. Strange.

I also believe that James can sense the changes that are coming with Stella's impending arrival, and that's also making for a very weird day. We are going to pack up and take James to the park later today - at least Daddy is - I am hoping for a big pregnant nap!

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