December 3, 2008


So James' first birthday has come and gone.... our 7th wedding anniversary... my 29th birthday... and now, Thanksgiving 2008. The crazy part is that Christmas is going to fly by, and then a new baby. The panic is starting to set in. I managed to set out a suitcase today, to pack for the hospital. That's as far as I got. But it's progress. I have exactly fourteen work days left before my vacation days, and then maternity leave. I am ready for Stella to arrive, but she really needs to wait until then - there's so much left to do. If she's anything like her brother...we'll have to coax her out for days.

James now goes on daily walks with Ms. Luz... here is a slew of videos taken today by Dad. I couldn't choose which ones I loved best. So i will post them all.

We are so proud of the little monkey. He just keeps us laughing, and laughter is the good stuff in life.

My very good friend, Beth, had her baby last Tuesday, November 25th, by the way. :)

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