December 18, 2008

"Had a Bad Day Again"

One of those days.

Jason and I totally forgot that our nanny had her son's Christmas play to attend today... we had given her the afternoon off. Jason and I both scheduled lunches, forgot about it, and did not get her messages in time to commute home... I scurried home, but she still missed it, and we are total jerks. I feel like a total, absolute schmuck.

About fifteen other issues popped up today, and my pregnant head is spinning, my big ole belly aching. Poor Stella. The amount of stress - she can probably taste it in my amniotic fluid. And this is the place I am supposed to protect her. Total schmuck.

In the grand scheme of things, absolutely nothing tragic has happened, but the culmination of these "small" things in one afternoon has made for a very unsettling sense of house. I feel inadequately nested also, due in part to working far too long in this pregnancy, this time.

Tomorrow will be a good day, a better day. I will certainly sleep for the first time in a week - I'm just too tired not to. And tomorrow is my baby shower at work. Presents, food and great co-workers. A doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Three things that will make today go away.

And then there's Stella herself. In approximately ten days, we'll meet her. What can be better than that? Not a thing in the world.

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The Brooks Family said...

awww, sorry you had such a crummy day. Don't beat yourself up about it.... you have a lot on your mind right now. I hope you have a restful night and a wonderful baby shower tomorrow. Keep your chin up and just think about that sweet baby girl you're about to meet =)