December 14, 2008

Sickly Sunday

James is sick. I just came down with it. And now Jason. Ugh. We need to pull the dark drapes closed upon the house and put up "keep out" signs.

On the flip side, Stella Bella will be arriving by the 29th of this month, looks like (in other words, 16 days...whoa). I'll be induced on the 29th if she's not here already, and then poof - instantly a family of four. We are very excited. A "date certain" does wonders for my OCD tendencies.

With James, I was content to let him "cook" until he felt ready to arrive. And cook he did, to the tune of almost 9 pounds and a week late. And I think he would have cooked longer if Jason and I didn't delve into ancient Chinese acupressure and old wives' tales. At least with Stella, she probably won't make it to 9 pounds, although I'm sure she's going to be tipping the scales in the 8 pound range. This pregnancy has been totally different, and it calls for different measures... and I, for once, am flexible enough to roll with the punches. Motherhood does wonders for the A-type control freaks... I cannot decide if it makes us better, or if it just represses the monster until the kids' teenage years... to be seen.

Either way, the joy of very soon, having a baby girl in this house... is just beyond words.

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Suzy said...

Geez. I hope you guys are all feeling better soon.