January 13, 2009

Deflated Balloon

Only two weeks ago, I was looking something like this.

This picture was actually taken by my Dad before we left for the hospital on December 29th. Stella was born on December 31, so this is the last evidence I have of my bigger self. But basically with pregnancy, I was a nice big balloon that has now been rapidly deflated ----and we all know what a deflated balloon looks like. I will spare you the details. 

Baby girl has taken to grunting constantly. We thought it was a tummy ache, although it has never really materialized into anything more than grunting (e.g., no cries or screaming). I think that's just how she "talks." She makes some funny faces, and she cracks me up. I love bathtime, because not only does she make the best faces during this time... but then she smells good enough to eat afterwards.

Her belly button/cord is hanging on by a tiny thread, which gives me the heebie-jeebies (sp?). When James' fell off, I screamed a little and made Jason cart it off. I gave Stel a bath today, and avoided touching it at all costs, lest it leap off the table and get me. I predict that it will fall off into one of her cute little outfits and I will have to go searching for it. Ick. Ick. Ick.

Or maybe James will cart it off and play with it, like on that episode of "Sex and the City," when Miranda's baby's cord falls off and the cat adopts it as a toy. Yes, that sounds more like my luck. "James give me back Stella's cord! James!? No don't eat that! James!"
Big brother James is going through a time. He is having a delayed reaction to Stella, I believe. Seemed to be a-ok with her from the get-go, and now we are having trouble. Or it could be just all the changes have reached a head, and he's just had enough. He is throwing little fits, and screaming, and I am searching through Google and BabyCenter.com, trying to find articles for dealing with siblings, etc. However, none are really applicable, because "sane" people do not have children so close together... the articles are all dealing with a new baby and "your two-year old." Not quite.

Poor James is a bit of a deflated balloon also --- king of the house, only two weeks ago ---now, just trying to find a place of his own that does not involve pink, bottles or baby sissy.

But James is such a funny little guy. His vocabulary is starting to finally take off. I've heard that boys speak a little slower than girls... but I fear that once he starts really talking, it's never going to stop. So far, we've got: uh-oh, duck, ping (for penguin), quack quack, baby, tweet tweet, daddy, ruff ruff, tree, book, momma (kinda), batana (banana), all gone, dog, ba-boom (balloon), ba-boon (baboon), bats

Well, naptime is a quiet time in the house... I should be doing something more productive.  Like sleeping.

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The Brooks Family said...

Oh goodness, this post made me laugh out loud (the belly button/cord thing) because I totally remember feeling the exact same way about Logan's. That was so gross!!!
I'm sorry to hear that little James is having trouble adjusting. I wish I had some wonderful advice for you. However, since I only have one child I really can't speak on that matter. All I know is the obvious..... this too shall pass. And I know that nobody really gives a crap about that when they are going through the problems.
Anyway, hang in there Mom, enjoy that pretty little "grunter", and I'll pray that James begins to feel settled again VERY soon.