January 31, 2009

Strolling, "Peng", and Happy Birthday Stella (and more!)

Happy Birthday, Stella Rae. You are one month old today, and we love you so much already.
Visit with great-grandparents, Mombow and Papooh. (visit from over a week ago).

The boy loves his Mia (visit with Mia and Papa last weekend).

Yesterday, I made a trip to the dreaded Babies 'R Us to browse the duo strollers. I had a coupon. I hate that store. I wish I could find investors to give me funds to create a new store that is way better, has less idiotic return policies, and is not full of idiots. That being said, I found an awesome stroller. The Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller in Bombay.

It is as big as a horse, but folds up easily, and actually almost as small as our single stroller. It has a million cup holders, for our coffees and the kids' bottles and sippy cups. I am in love.

We gave the thing a test run today at Mall of Georgia, and for once, James did not fuss after ten minutes in the stroller, and Stella was snoozing most of the time like a champ. The things is a snazzy red color, and while we felt like Mom and Dad Nutty on wheels (because of the stroller's size and splendor), I must admit...at least we didn't roll up in a minivan. Not yet anyway. Great day at the mall.

Mombow and Papooh sent James a giant penguin, who we have named "Peng." James loves (correction - James is obsessed) with penguins. He was pleasantly surprised (that's an understatement) at Peng's arrival, exclaiming with glee "PENG! PENG!" when we opened the box. Thanks M & P!

Stella Bella likes her baths, and she is such a good baby. I am still in awe of her. And so proud and thankful to have my daughter. I believe a mother feels an instant bond of sorts with her children, and especially for a first born. James will always be very special, being my first. But Stella will always be very special, being my girl. I feel a sense of comraderie with her, just being girls... it is quite cool.

We have had a few difficult days, but everything works out for the good. I have joined a gym and have actually managed to workout twice over the past three days. While I cannot move (at all) now, and it makes me realize that I am completely out of shape, I am blessed to have the opportunity to join a 24-hour gym, and have a husband who sends me out to workout when the kids are napping (or when the kids are crying). This gym membership is more out of financial and logistical necessity, not vanity... I return to work in three weeks, and cannot fit into any of my work clothes. In fact, my fattest "fat pants" are about three inches from buttoning. Hence, I need to lose about 20 pounds in the next three weeks. We'll see how THAT goes!

In addition, our new nanny, Staci begins work on Wednesday. We met her yesterday, and think it's going to be a great fit. She has a three year old daughter, and has been caring for her daughter and a two-year old boy together for over a year. James immediately warmed up to Staci, and show her his "E-I-E-I-O" book (Old MacDonald Had a Farm), and she was most impressed, and he was most pleased.

James has been exceptionally happy for the last two days - I think because Mom and Dad have both been home tending to him since Thursday morning. We have had lots and lots of reading time, fun time, and all-around goofy-dom. I will be at home by myself with both James and Stella on Monday, which will give me a chance to try my "baby legs" for when Jason heads to Memphis on business in 10 days. Both kids head to the doctor for checkups on Tuesday. And then Staci will start working. Hooray!

Well, that's all for now. Stella is gearing up for a wail for food, and I need to try and squeeze in her bath beforehand.

Love to you all, and thank you for all your prayers -

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