January 28, 2009

Warming Bottles is NOT Necessary

Okay, all of you. Leave it alone. I have been blessed with babies that will drink cold breastmilk straight out of the fridge. It's all about preference with the baby. If the baby takes it cold, then great... and there is absolultely no medical reason to warm it. :)

"Many new parents believe the common misconception that a baby's bottle should always be heated. In actuality, there is no medical reason to heat bottles before serving them. Some infants may prefer warm bottles, but most will happily accept a lukewarm or cold bottle. Try starting your baby off with a cold bottle, straight from the refrigerator; if he takes it, you have saved yourself a lot of time! You will appreciate this for those late night feedings!"
From: http://www.storknet.com/cubbies/bottlefeeding/faq.htm

"Whether they take breast milk or formula, some babies prefer having their bottles warmed up. It takes off the chill and generally helps infants accept the bottle." (In case you haven't noticed, my children have had no trouble "accepting" any food). From: http://www.ehow.com/how_8953_heat-babys-bottle.html

"For parents who bottle feed their newborns, taking time to warm those bottles during the first few months can be time consuming. There is no need to warm the bottles; if given cold bottles from the very beginning, most babies will not object. We checked with our children's doctor, and he told us that there is no medical reason for giving babies warm bottles, that it was just a matter of preference. This certainly made a difference for us in terms of the ease of bottle feeding." From: http://daytippers.blogspot.com/2008/03/no-need-to-warm-bottle.html


Anna said...

Yup--Jack has never had a warmed bottle, unless one of his grandparents slipped him one. He seems to like his milk cold and that works fine for us! I wouldn't even know how to begin to warm a bottle if I needed to. Yay for easy going babies!

Lyndsey said...

Man, I wish my child would accept cold milk, but no. No to cold breastmilk, no to cold formula and now she won't even drink whole milk cold. And I've tried. You are lucky!