February 16, 2009

Quackies! (And an Ode of Thanksgiving)

Yesterday, the "entire" family went to Tribble Mill park. It's a fantasic park with a massive playground, miles and miles of trails and, of course, ducks on the lake. As we were pulling into the entrance, James exclaims from the backseat, "QUACKIES! QUACKIES! QUACKIES!" His second favorite thing in the world (second only to penguins) are ducks, and just from the sign at the entrance, he knew we were heading to see the ducks. Oh, I love that boy of ours. He is more and more fun with each passing day.

Today I had lunch with long time friend, Barbara, who is about 5 weeks away from having a baby girl. We had a great time, and Stella attended "girls day out" and was exceptionally well-behaved (except for the car ride home). I can't help but think about Barbara and her husband... who will no doubt be fantastic parents...but I think about the journey that they are so very soon to embark upon. Less than sixteen months ago, Jason and I were about to have James, and did not realize what a blessing and a trial that parenthood would be.

If I had known what parenthood actually meant, I would have done the following in preparation and in saying goodbye to the "single" life (please note that while most people refer to the "single life" as life before marriage, I consider life before children the "single life"):
1) slept more while I had the chance, like a bear in hibernation, preparing for a very long cold winter;
2) eaten less, so I would be smaller and have more energy to chase the children, and fit into smaller spaces to fish out toys that have been hidden ever-so-craftily;
3) gone on a thousand more dates with my husband, dates that cannot be accomplished with babies and dates that will not be attained for many years to come, because a sitter is too costly and extravagant (e.g., Six Flags, Italy, camping, out-of-town museums, overnight rendezvous to nearby cities and bars, fancy restaurants...)
4) done absolutely "nothing" more often (e.g., sit in a quiet bookstore, take a long quiet bath, lay on the couch and count the fan revolutions);
5) spent more admiring my pre-baby (now in hindsight, considerably flawless) body, and less time complaining about it;
6) had weekly manicures, pedicures, waxes, massages... because now, what's the point?
Now that I have these sweet babies of mine, I have to include a list of things which I do miss, I would not trade my babies for, even for a second, ever:
1) sleep
2) dieting
3) dates
4) peace and quiet
5) a not-nearly-perfect body
6) manicures, pedicures, massages
(In case you missed it, all of the things I used to do/have.)

Moral of the story:
Enjoy those pre-baby days because they are truly priceless and perfect.
Enjoy those pregnancy days, because you will never be able to protect those babies like you can in the womb.
Enjoy each day with the babies, because time flies. Only fifteen months ago, James was a "baby" and now he's a "person"...and I miss my baby boy so much. Stella Rae is now almost seven weeks old... and I watch everyday as she grows and am out of words to describe the feeling.
Time flies, time is precious..and life without chaos and without these babies is just not a life I wish to have.


kelly said...

I could not have said it any better! I miss pedicures and I'm too tired for long baths but it's so worth it! They do grow up fast, though!

The Brooks Family said...

I hear ya girl!!! I don't know what I did with all of the time I had before Logan. Nobody tells you just how much life is going to change after children come along. I asked my Mom once before she passed away, why she hadn't told me how hard it was going to be. She looked at me and said, "Because, Kimberly, I wanted to have Grandbabies."
On the other hand, they do grow up very very fast. Logan is in pre-k now and I miss him so very much. I used to dream of the day school would start and I would get a break. Now I sometimes sit in the quiet house and think about how much I miss the noise and craziness that he provides!!!
And by the way, we take Logan to that park fairly often. You're right, it is really nice. Logan loves it there.