March 9, 2009

95th+ Percentiles and Nekkid Time

Baby girl Stella went to the doctor for her 8 week check-up (even though she's almost 10 weeks). I like to delay these things, hoping any negative side-effects from vaccinations will help with a two week delay.

She was 14.5 pounds (over 95th percentine!) and 23 inches long (75th percentile). The doctor said she is healthy and "perfect", and perfectly rolly. I was glad to hear it. And the doctor also mentioned how alert and responsive she is (genius!). I need to lookup how big James was at that age... but I think she's beating him. I found myself almost tearing up when the doctor told me she was over the 95th percentile for weight. Not that I was sad that she's such a big girl, but because she's so innocent to it. There is only one precious time in a woman's life where weight doesn't matter... and she's at that time. Babyhood and childhood.

And thus it begins... the pressure I feel from having a daughter. The crucially important way in which I talk about my body image, and my self-esteem around her in the future. The way I must never focus on my weight or her weight, but rather on our health, our happiness. This makes me realize how unbelievably important it is that Jason and I are (finally) working out again, eating good food and staying away from the garbage. Our children must be surrounded by health, wellness, and exercise in order for it to absorb into their core beings. I do not want to look sweet Stella in the eyes at sixteen, and have her curse me for any sort of "weight curse" or negative body image that I passed down to her. By taking the selfish time for myself, to workout and to shop for good food, I am hopefully creating a life and a love for these children that just makes sense.

In related news, James stripped down "buck nekkid" tonight and played in his room before bed. I asked him, "Are you ready for your tubby." And he simply responded, "Kay."

Boys, on the other hand... do not really seem to have this body-image problem. And for that, they are lucky little rascals.

PS - James is Elmo obsessed. He says "E-Mo."

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