March 1, 2009

Snow Babies

It seems like once a year, since J and I got married, there is a fantastic snow day. I love these days. And today is one of them.

We joke about "Ice Storm 2000", which paralyzed Athens, but we relished skipping school for almost three days. There is no school to skip these days, ...but more of a cost-benefit analysis to have (e.g., "Do I really want to get on I-85 at 6am when it's 26 degrees and snowing?". Answer: "No.")
I look back so very fondly on snow days with Jason. And now we are making new ones with James and Stella.

Even regular days with the babies are precious, like snow days. One day we are going to look back, fondly at these times, as they will be gone in a white flash.

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