March 29, 2009

The Weekend of Sleep

Grammy came to visit on Thursday, en route to Texas. She hid jellybean eggs in her bag, and James went searching for them. At bathtime, James said "Grammy," plain as day. Grammy will be back on Wednesday to stay another night. I know James is hoping for more jellybeans!

Ms. Stella slept for 5-6 hour stretches over the past two nights. Thank you, rice cereal and formula mix. We tried to get her to 12 weeks without bringing out the big sleep guns (aka the rice cereal), and we made it to almost 14 weeks. Poor little Princess was just hungry (you can look at her and just tell it!) We had big plans to move her up to her nursery tonight (bought a soft new mattress and everything), but then I thought we ought to let the mattress air out for a few nights, since it was wrapped in plastic...and I distinctly remember reading somewhere that un-aired-out mattresses were a contributing factor to SIDS. So we wait until later in the week, then. Still, baby girl is doing great with her sleep, and she seems to finally be over the sniffles.

James, now seventeen months, is fantastic as well. He is readily using the word "Mommy" and mostly to his advantage, and to my detriment. He waited so long to use the word, that now when he does, I melt like hot butter. "Mommy." Oh the dear boy knows just what to do.

He's talking up a storm now. He's got a little devil in him, and yet, he's the sweetest little pile of sugar in the world. He readily uses the words "please" and "juice," "Mommy" and "Daddy" and "Sissy." He can identify most anything on his plate: bread, cheese, banana, fruit, meat, peas, beans, rice, chicken (chick-un), cheerios (chee-os), cracker (crack-uh), orange (unge), apple (ah-ple), yogurt (gurt), applesauce (ah-ple cup), pudding (puh-din). He basically repeats everything we say now, and recollects things that he has only heard once. Last weekend, Jason and I were eating breakfast, and from across the room, he exclaimed "Bis-cuits!" He hears a plane, and points up says "plane" and "sky." Other words he now has in his repertoire : baby, buggies, heart, Papa, girl, feet, hands, nose, eyes, ears, hair (hrrrr), head, toes, clap, jump, boing!, square, shoes, socks, shirt, pants, tubby, potty, gorilla (gu-lla), dress, giraffe (d-raff), Barney (B-ney), Sesame Street (Street), Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie, hamburger (bur-gur), McDonalds (Donnas), ketchup (catch-ee), bath, cloth, teeth, mouth, plate, spoon (sooon), cup, drink, milk, water (w-tur), outside (side), bye... this is the list I can recall.

I swear, the boy woke up one day, and just started talking. And funny... boy, oh boy, is that kid hilarious.

On a more serious note, some very dear friends of ours are going through a difficult time. Their sweet baby daughter might be facing a troublesome genetic disorder. We are all are hoping for the mildest form of it... actually - we are hoping for a complete miracle and healing. I am so thankful for my two healthy babies, and my heart breaks for our friends; yet, it makes me nervous to know that everything can just plug along perfectly, only to have a heartbreak like this, years later. As my mom always says, when you are on the mountiantop, the valley is right below.

Thank you all for your wonderful love and support. Please keep our friends' dear little girl in your thoughts and prayers.

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