April 5, 2009

Buried in Children

We now spend our nights and weekends buried in children. Sometimes, it's the most fun ever. Sometimes...not so much. But 99.9% of the time, I feel nothing but gratitude for our dear baby boy and sweet baby girl.

James has been sick, so he's been in a major funk, poor little monkey. Despite his feeling icky, he manages to still be hilarious, and talk up a storm: BABY! SISSY! JUICE! COFFEE! MOMMY!!!

Stella spent the first night in her "big girl bed", the crib upstairs. She did great. And she's sitting up like a pro in her bumbo seat.

Another weekend is almost over, and we are sad. However, Jason got the grill all ready with new racks and fresh propane, and we intend to grill tonight. And despite the film of pollen covering our porch and the extreme tiredness we feel, Jason and I can see the silver lining.... the time in the very near future where we will sit on our back porch with a beer as the sun is setting, with two sleeping babies in the house, and have that quiet "ahhhhhhh" moment, when we think we will survive all of this chaos.

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