April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had an incredible weekend. We went to a new church (12 Stone), and I felt so blessed to be back in church. It has been a very, very long time, and Jason and I really enjoyed our time. The babes did well in the children's church, and James was rewarded with a fabulous Easter lunch at "Donald's."

Baby girl was an absolutely princess in her yellow gingham dress and bloomers (which I tend to call "britches" and which my co-worker Kent says is a "no no" for girls). So, with her BLOOMERS, she was the most beautiful girl in the world today.

James is going through a refusal-to-eat-vegetables stage. But I have found out how to pull one over on him. He loves spaghetti, so I made a ton and emptied about six jars of baby food (carrots, squash, beans and peas) into it. Sounds gross, but truly, I could not even taste the difference. And he ate it. I felt like the smartest mother in the world. He guzzled a whole squash or so. Now, I have about 10 frozen bags of it, and I think we now have "balanced meals" for the next week.

My two best men. I love this husband of mine to the depths of my soul. He is amazing with Stella, with James. I catch little moments when he is with the kids (or when he is folding a load of laundry, or washing bottles), and I am moved to tears. Some women would trade their husbands for a housekeeper... but I wouldn't trade mine for a million bucks.

These pictures remind me that our little baby boy is growing up so fast. Look at him! He's a boy. Not just a baby. I cannot believe it.
Poor Stella was so tired tonight by the time she went to bed. (Yes, it's 8:00 - and BOTH children are asleep...again... I dare not speak the words for fear that I am dreaming). Stella cannot get a moment's rest so long as her brother is awake. We took the kids to the park and walked the 2 mile loop, and Stella caught a nap because it was the first time in eight hours where he wasn't bopping her on the head or "honking" her nose.

Today, I am thankful for my family, my children and all the millions of blessings that the good Lord has showered upon us.
As I rocked Stella to sleep tonight, I took breath after breath of her hair, her skin... This time is so fleeting, my heart is breaking with each second that passes, and I realize that my children are growing up. I feel that I often missed the little moments with James because we were the typical "new" parents, and were just so clueless and tired. But I do not let a single day pass without getting twenty kisses from James (I often have to grab them while he is running by), and about five-hundred from Stella (because she's too little to escape).
I don't care if these kids cannot stand me when they are teenagers... I will still pin them down and kiss them a thousand times over. I love them to the core of my being, and I am a mother, inside and out now... And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. If you have trouble getting your children (or your husbands) to eat veggies --- try my spaghetti trick. I cannot wait to try something new... I'm thinking bread with green beans next.


becky said...

Mer, have you heard of the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious?" It's written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, and she uses all sorts of veggie purees to smuggle them into food -- like sweet potato pancakes! Check it out.

And I love the pictures -- you've got a beautiful fam! (you're looking good, too!)

Take care.

Meredith said...

That's great news... I need to pick that up! thanks!