April 15, 2009

Happy Hormones

So my happy hormones have officially left me.

I have been wondering why I felt so stinky over the past few days... it's because this is the first time since January of 2007 (yes, seriously) since I have not been pregnant or breastfeeding. So I had well over two years of happy pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones. Happy hormones. Well, I gave up the breastfeeding this week. Hence, out with the bathwater went the happy hormones, and I feel like the pits. Booooo.
I thought I would rejoice to pack up the pump, and quit hanging my little "do not enter or you will be scarred for life" door sign on my office around noon everyday. But this is a little bittersweet. I have about 100 bags of frozen stuff for Stella to have 8 ounces a day for the next month and a half with her formula. That'll get her to almost 6 months. I feel confident that she's healthy and good to go. Plus, I think it's a little bittersweet because tonight, as I was holding her, I really believed that she might be my last baby. And that, along with the recent pain of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and returning to work (coupled with the bye-bye happy hormones and recently listing James' baby shoes for sale on Ebay)... makes me blue.

In other news, Jason was giving James a bath tonight and he said, "Let's wash your bootie, James."

And James screamed "BOOOOTIE!!!"
Now, that's more like it. 

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