April 10, 2009

If My Blog Could Whisper...

...It would quietly say:

Today is Friday, April 10, 2009.
It is storming outside, but the really scary storms are passing over us.
We had a fantastic dinner of turkey subs from Publix. (Seriously).
James ate his dinner without freaking out.
Stella had a bottle without an issue.
Both children were bathed without tragedy.
He is upstairs asleep at 7:30.
She is upstairs asleep at 7:50.
Jason is laying on the couch, watching the weather report.
I am sitting on the couch with my Dell.
We are both in PJs, chatting about nothing.
There is a small bottle of pink, trash-tactular wine in the fridge.
I just ate a perfect string cheese stick, and gave the other half to Jason, who accepted it gleefully.
The temperature in the house is perfect.
The kitchen is clean.
I have a new book, the cover which has not been cracked yet.

I dare not take a breath, for fear it will all fall apart.

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