April 8, 2009


Dear James,

There are so many things I hope for you, my dear boy. You are my first born, my boy, and I am so very proud of you already. I hope that you are happy in this life, most of all. I pray that you always know who you are, and you have the confidence necessary to be all you dream.

My sweet baby James, I pray that you:

...grow up to be a strong, kind, and confident man... just like your father;

...continue to be the perfect combination of silly and serious;

...find exactly what you want out of life, at a very young age, in order that you will never waste a day doubting that you made the right choice of career, city, clothing or companion;

...have all you ever need, and have all that you dream, right within your reach;

...find happiness in books and sports, and laughter and love;

...are kind with your friends, and smart with your money;

...always know we are proud of you;

...tell us the truth, even when it's difficult;

...know your secrets are safe with us, that we will never judge you, but rather, we will be here for you, come hell or highwater;

...feel that you can be who you are, all the time;

...never feel unnecessary pressure from us to be someone you are not;

...are generous to the ends of your means;
...know it's wonderful to be both tough and sensitive, as long as you are not one or the other, all of the time;
...love to travel, and have the means to go wherever your heart desires;
...always know we love you, more than words can express.


Dear Stella -

My daughter, my baby girl. I did not know that I longed so deeply for a daughter until I had you. Now, I cannot imagine my life without you.
Stella Rae, I pray for you to:
...believe in yourself, even when others try and put you down;
...have a best girlfriend, at all times;
...learn how to play golf (you never want to miss a "meeting" with the "boys" because you didn't know how to play);
...know, in your heart and not just on the surface, that you can be whatever you want to be;
...never depend on a man for your future, your money or your self-worth;
...find love and friendship like I have found in your father;
...talk to us about anything and everything, and never feel ashamed;
...trust us to always be honest and fair to you;
...be able to hold your own in basketball, poker, and politics;
...find a love of science, a joy of reading, and an appreciation of the arts;
...know the importance of a good pair of high heels, and fresh pedicure;
...have a black Chanel suit by the time you are thirty-years old - one that you have been able to purchase yourself (and not on credit);

...hang your own curtains, and paint your own walls (or at least know how to);
...always know how beautiful you are, inside and out;
...find love in unexpected places;
...always know that we love you, more than words can express.


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