April 27, 2009

Maternity Clothes. Now What?

I have an ungodly amount of maternity clothes from two pregnancies in two years. I hate those blasted clothes.
Stretchy. Lycra. Polyester. Black. Stretchy. Tie Back. Stretchy.

What am I saying? I love those clothes. Stretchy!

Now I have to wear buttons. I am selling my maternity clothes on Ebay, and hoping that I will get enough money to buy some more clothes with buttons. As James says, "Bud-dons." Yes.

In other news, tonight James ate the fake chicken nuggets again, and heartily smacked down, exclaiming "Chick...N..." Ah ha! I have fooled an 18 month old again! I rule.

And in even BIGGER news, baby girl Stella rolled over for the first time. She's not quite four months old, and she apparently rolled over and decided that wasn't where she wanted to be... and began to wail. That's my girl.


stephanie said...

Hey--post a link to your ebay maternity clothes! Don't need them yet, but I may one of these days, and I'd way rather buy from someone I know! :)

Meredith said...

Girl, you're too tiny for my big 'ole clothes... are you crazy??

stephanie said...

Uh, have you seen me when I'm pregnant?