April 11, 2009

The Mother Bear.

Flashback Saturday: October 25, 2007 - Our Sweet Baby James
So we took the kids to the mall today (because that's just what one DOES when one has children), and there's a fantastic play area at Mall of Georgia that James just loves.

Before heading to the playground, we stopped into Stride Rite for shoes for James. He's now a size six (!) and we managed to get a pair of very "pimping" white summer sneakers for "only" $40. And of course, Stella just needed some pink flowered Robeez ($20). Good grief.

Anyway, we headed to the play area after the shoe purchase - we let James walk the way there - and he was very proud of his shoes. He looked very spiffy, and managed to pick up a "chick" (e.g., a 15-month old girl with curls, who was "all" about him) at the Crocs booth near Old Navy. He was so smooth, putting the moves on this little girl, and Jason was very proud of him. People sitting outside of Starbucks drinking coffee were all laughing at James, and it was quite a show. People walking by were stopping and watching and snickering, as James put on the show for his new little honey. She was like, "ok" and proceeded to walk along with him. Her father came and rescued her, and we went on our merry way.

I usually sit on the outskirts of the playarea, with a Starbucks, while Jason braves the kids, the other parents and takes James into the lion's den. (Have I mentioned that my husband is a saint? Well, he is.) With my latte, I sit quietly on the outskirts and silently stew while I watch seven+ year olds jumping over the toy cars and running over the sweet toddlers, even though internally, I am cursing their existence. That goes to my theory that I still hate all children that aren't my own (well, with the exception of Sarah, Will, Abbi and now, little Carol Elizabeth).

Well, today - it was not very crowded, unlike most Saturdays - James was at the foot of the mini-slide and was beginning to scoot up it (no one was around), when this big-bad-8 year old with a cro-magnon forehead went to the top of the slide and proceeded to go down it, while screaming at James to "move". This giant child was about to plant his giant stupid foot into the head of my dear boy, at which time, I screamed "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" This kid looked at me, in shock (his mother, across the way, was another story), and he backed up and went away. Then I finished it off with "YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER!"

As Jason always says, I'm making friends.

I tell you, though...if you have a seven year old - do NOT let them play with the toddlers. On what planet do you think that is acceptable? I understand that it's not the kid's fault - rather it's his trashy, slovenly mother who is across the way with her Dairy Queen, reading her 1980's romance novel, and allowing her stupid giant child to play with BABIES. Ridiculous.

I am a mother bear, and I cannot take this crap.

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