April 27, 2009

BlogVice: These Socks Rock

Whoever thinks it's ridiculous to pay almost $25 for baby socks, has never had a kicking baby. These socks by Trumpette (for girls) and (for boys) are the best in show. The good news is: you get six pairs for the almost $25, AND even when your tot outgrows them, you can still manage to squeeze them on his feet, because the elastic is made by magical elves somewhere in the land of genius baby product makers.

The socks manage to stay on slippery feet, and do not cut off the circulation on dear fat baby legs. And everyone knows that nothing says suicidal like replacing sock after sock, on foot after kicking 3 month old foot. Put these on...and ten hours later... they're still ON. God bless you, Mr. Trumpette. God bless you.

My son is eighteen months old, and I still sleep him in the Trumpette Johnny's. Nevermind that the "shoe" part is only about mid-foot. He still fancies them. And I fancy a pair of socks that stays on an eighteen month old.

Now, keeping socks on a sixteen week old is an even bigger challenge. And Trumpette still wins. Ding! Ding! Ding!! Stella loves her Mary Jane Brights, and they stay on.

Feet down, folks. These socks rock.

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