May 15, 2009

Friday Night Fit (And Flashback)

I had a really crappy day today. Not only was it a twelve hour work day, with only Nip Chee crackers to eat, but I almost missed kissing my babies goodnight. And for what? An important email that "had" to go out...and then, didn't? Ridiculous.

And my sweet "Mombow" had to have a medical procedure this morning (and on her birthday, which turned out fine, thank goodness), but it worried the living life out of us for the better part of the day.

Finally, I am really angry today, for reasons that I should not blog about, because someday the facts and circumstances behind today, just will not matter. So I'll internalize this one, only to deal with it later. Talk about it on the porch tonight with my husband, and I'll be okay. :)

But in practicing the "Secret" to the fullest extent of my ability: I am very grateful for the life I have, the people I love, and these kissably delicious babies of mine.

See? I'm already over it. Ahhhh. Just like that, I truly am. Time for Friday night.

I am finally about to settle on the back deck in jammies, with a cold beer, a good sandwich, and this sweet, sexy man of favorite things in the world. Ahhh, Friday nights. Holla.

James and Daddy, December 2007

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