May 3, 2009

No Dinero? No Problemo!

Even in this economy, our son has an entire playroom full of toys, which we cannot coerce him to play with.

He has books, firetrucks, noisy toys, quiet toys, bears, ducks and Legos, etc. etc.

However, a $1 value pack of scouring sponges from the nearest Dollar Tree proved to be the biggest value of all... providing hours and hours of Sunday morning entertainment.

Captain Sponge-tastic. Our boy. And yes, he still insists on sitting in Stella's Bumbo seat. With the sponges.

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The Brooks Family said...

That is so funny!!! It totally looks like he's reading a captivating novel of some sort. Love it!! And, I've come to the conclusion that buying toys is a huge waste of money. Logan's favorite things to play with are the cardboard box that our new pots and pans came in and the bathroom sink filled with water and soap bubbles. Honestly, that keeps him busy all day. Go figure.