May 19, 2009

Only Children...

I am an "only" child. I have older "half" siblings (15+ years my senior), with whom I have never shared the same roof, so I can claim only child status. The funnier thing is that I have a sister I have only met once, when I was four years old (another blog, another day).

While only-childrendom certainly has its benefits (more attention, more funding, etc.)(another blog, another day), it can be a lonely little blessed world. I always swore that I would have zero or two children, and within a span of fourteen months, I managed to hold up that end of my bargain with myself.

In the weeds of chaos, I sometimes think "holy mackerel, what were we thinking" (we weren't) but then I see the interaction of James and Stella, the way she absolutely adores him, the way he squeals "Sissy! Awwww!" and reaches out to hug her... I know the "choice" to have these two babies, and so close together, was not only the serendipitously correct one...but it completely rocks.

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