May 27, 2009

Pee Pee!

So today, about four minutes and sixteen seconds after I walked in the door, my recently turned nineteen-month old son, James, looked at me and squealed, "Pee pee!"

He's said this before, so I habitually responded, "James, do you need to pee pee?"


I thought to myself, Huh, isn't this interesting. Our nanny and I were just talking about this a few minutes ago, before she left. And he's never followed up "pee pee" with an immediate "potty." Nice. This could be something.

"Okay, James. Do you want to use the potty?"


I become a frantic mother. Why? Who knows. My child said "pee pee!" And "potty!" So, I do what any (working, insane) mother would do. I run out to the cluttered garage, and grab the little "big boy" potty we purchased a month ago (which, upon purchasing and unpacking, James put his toys out to the garage it went). I plop the potty down on the ground. I had been reading about all this, and preparing, but I threw that all out the window. He said "pee pee" and "potty," I'm repeating over and over again in my head.

So, I dropped his drawers, pulled off his diaper, and plopped him right down on the the middle of the living room.

Huffing and puffing, I looked at him. Silence. "Do you need to pee pee?"


Okay, I thought. No big deal. It was a valiant effort. But then, only about three seconds passed, and he smiled his huge-I'm-a-big-boy smile. And I hear it.

"Pee pee!" he exclaims.

Indeed. And there it was. Pee pee! Holy cow.

Do I really have a living, breathing, peeing human being in my house? It may be a potty training fluke, a mere pee pee miracle, but communication is the first step in this potty training mission. Although, I have hardly declared this a mission. If he asks, he can use the potty. If not, who cares? Diapers aren't forever. Just like the paci isn't. Motherhood... 'tis such a breeze.

My fingers are crossed and I'm laughing hysterically by the way.

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Suzy said...

Okay, so a quick question here (because really, I don't know...): what do you do once said child has done business in tiny potty? Is there scrubbing involved? Yikes! I need to get these things worked out prior to Oscar's coming of potty age...