May 25, 2009

Seriously Great Parenting

Just in case you are just absolutely too busy, too overwhelmed, too distracted and tired to feed your child a bottle while holding her, then you just must have this new product: the baby bottle swaddle.

Just a little side note to this...

If you do purchase this product, then you also might consider putting your children up for adoption or calling DFCS on yourself, because there is no way you should be allowed to parent.

* * * *
Dear Inventor of the Baby Bottle Swaddle:
There are no words for the mountain of idiocy upon which you have built your house. This is not only a bad product, but unbelievably freaking dangerous, misleading and just waiting for a lawsuit.

A bottle swaddle? How about a crackpipe for your kids? That'd be a sure seller.

"You love your crack, now your children can love it too!
Introducing the Sweet Baby Crackpipe, in four designer colors, and with a fashionable clip-on strap. The SBC, because being a baby shouldn't be shady."

God help us all.

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