June 1, 2009


I am bilingual. I speak English. And I speak James (pron. "ha-maze").

I understand that aircraft, is actually, hairbrush.

Debbies (does not mean snack-cake) but means not only strawberries, but also umbrella. Mote is clearly remote. And fun, can of course, be fun or phone.

Happy and puppy may mean the same thing, depending upon the context and which way the finger is pointing.

Dress means shirt. But shirt never means dress. Button are buttons, and also snaps.

Bubbles. Well now, bubbles is a tough one, because it's like the wildcard in poker. If in doubt, you've got a bubble. Bubbles can mean an actual bubble, but also a dot, spot, circle, freckle, the store "Target" or anything that is not identified in James language yet. Most recently, bubble was a man with a visor.

All "s" words are pronounced with the appropriate cross of precious lisp and utter conviction: buggies, bees, cheese and sissy, to name a few.

The word mouse is alot like bubble, in the sense that it's the animal wildcard. A rabbit, squirrel or donkey can be a mouse, anything with ears and fur may be catagorized as a mouse. Please note, however, that a mouse is never incorrectly identified as a rabbit, squirrel or donkey... a true mouse, is always a mouse. If you follow. Maybe not.

Nap is a joke. He says, nap, to which I respond: James, do you want to nap. And he then says "no." So you see, nap is meaningless. Kinda like "blah blah blah" in English.

And on and on it goes, through the well-over hundred of words that James now knows.

Of course, he's loud and clear with hat. That's his most recent favorite word. Now, if he could only say "dang, this hat is especially hot in 89 degree weather, but I insist on wearing it, and it's not my mother's fault." Then, we'd be talking.

Footnote: hat may also be anything placed upon one's head. For example, as noted in a previous blog entry, an apple placed upon one's head... clearly becomes a hat.

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Lyndsey said...

How funny! This is SO my life! Except our "mouse" is dog - any animal when in doubt is a dog. And our favorite use for almost anything is "P" - means puppy, princess, Peaches (my mom's dog), and the list goes on. Thanks for the laugh :)