June 13, 2009


Look at me. Look at my dirty house. This is a 7:00 pm, Saturday, babies are in need of being put to bed, dirty house. Look at the Christmas decoration on the floor near the television - James loves to play with it, and I let him (hello, people - it's June).

Look at my mismatched clothes, and my hair (is that a leaf, I see?). Look at the bouncy seat, precariously placed on the coffee table, the lampshade cooked.
Look at James riding my deflated belly like a lazy horse, while I try to read to him (a book that he brought to me, said "book" and then plopped down on me with a crushing blow). And he's watching something probably completely inappropriate on tv ("my children will never watch tv.")

Look at this zoo, this freakshow. Tickets are available online... (Do do do do, dee dee do do - can you hear the music?)

While some mornings I wake up, and I cannot remember what day it is... I can honestly tell you (with a straight face) that I love this life, this love I have, these precious and most perfect babies.

This is my freakshow, and I think it's the greatest.

Love to you all -

PS - donations in support of the freakshow are always welcome, can be made out to "Atwood Family Freakshow" and are tax deductible.

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