June 27, 2009

Hell on Wheels

We went to the train museum today in Duluth for the "Locomotive Celebration." I am silently laughing, because the only folks celebrating...were the workers....when the Atwood family left.

This was the first of the fits.

For starters, it was one hundred degrees outside, sun reflecting off every dark steel surface. Stella was red as a beet in her little stroller, and James... well, James melted down the second we hit the pavement. I managed several photo ops, which in the history of the photo albums will look like we had a really great time. Hooray!

In theory, the train museum was a good idea. However, in practice - perhaps not the best place for a 20 month old in the dead of summer.

Granted, I truly believe that James tried to like it. But it was just so hot. The first of the "fits" started at the ticket booth. Who knows what the problem there was.
To his credit, I'm not sure if he appreciated what we "were trying to do for him" - to him, it was hotter than hell. Hell on wheels. Train wheels. And there was no 1) goldfish, 2) bears or 3) monkeys. He was over it.

Jason next tried the train ride. Ha ha ha. Not even up the stairs, and James is screaming "mommy mommy mommy" and I do not know why... he could give a rip about what I'm doing most of the time.

And then there's sweet Stella. Not a peep the entire day. Thank goodness.
She must like trains.

So the Atwood family feigned fun around the place, blazing through the "arts and crafts" station, "Uh, yeah sure, he'd love a train sticker" (yet, James is screaming while the nice lady tries to give him one).
Mind you, this is the kid who screams "Thomas! Thomas!" demanding to watch episode after episode of Thomas the Train and Friends. Whatever.

Moments like these, I swear, I am not cut out to be a parent. I think Jason was on the same wavelength.

And then there's sweet Stella... who's hot and sticky and smiling, and I'm thinking: what in the world gives? How can the littlest one be perfectly happy, irrespective of the heat, and James is throwing himself on the pavement, screaming?

I give up. Parenting. I deep down believe that children are the very greatest gift...
And then sometimes, parenting is, well....sometimes, it's just hell on wheels.

Choo choo.

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