June 5, 2009

Pool. No.

"James, do you want to get in the pool?"


"Like the ducky, do you want to get in the pool? You can swim. You can go swimming."


"Yes, do you want to go swimming?"


"You can sit down in the pool. There you go. Just sit down."
"Good! You did it."


(He eventually liked it. A little. I still predict, that kid will be swimming like a fish by July 4th.

So we do this "smmim-ing" for a while, and then I look at him, and he's very still, and making "the" face. Uh-oh. Poop. In the pool. Ew. My biggest pre-parently fear. The poopy, pool diaper. Here we go.

"James. Did you go poopy?"

"No." (Yes, he did.)

Hence the picture with no pants. In the pool. Smmim-ming.

And sweet, lovely Princess Stella, watching it all, and cracking up. Although I can never, absolutely never, catch her in the act of cracking up in a picture. She's too wise for that.

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The Brooks Family said...

Oh, I love it. Mainly because it makes me feel so good to know that I'm not the only one that's had poop in her pool. Poop in the tub is actually my favorite. That, for some strange reason, didn't start until age 4. Thankfully, the tub pooping only lasted for about 3 (LONG & TERRIBLE) months. When I asked the pediatrician why he was doing it she said, "Mommy, sometimes we just expect too much and he's only been with us for four years. Just give him some time and it will stop." Thanks for the guilt trip Doc, thanks a million.