June 10, 2009

Safe in my Home

Someone (or someTHING) broke into our cars over the weekend, taking our spare change (ripping out my ashtray and carting it off, in the process), some odds and ends, and a car title. I learned my lesson about having a car title in the glove box. Thank you, I need no comments on that.

All irritation and general ticked-offed-ness aside, this incident has lit me up. They also took our garage door opener. And to me, this means...they intended to come back. And to me, this means that they could have harmed my children.

To the hoodlums that broke into our cars: My father is donating a gun to the Atwood house cause for safety. The fact, that because of your stupidity, greed, and utter lack of control or respect for property that does not belong to your stupid face, I can no longer feel truly safe in my home, in my driveway, and I thank you. The fact that I worry about the door locks to our home being broken, and am tormented by the fact that I cannot afford this second to purchase window treatments across six giant back windows...and now, I am feeling terribly scared because of this, I thank you.

You just better hope that once this shiny new revolver is in my possession, that I do not catch your dumbass(es) standing in my driveway in the middle of the night, clicking the garage door opener you hold in your worthless, smelly, sweaty hand. Ka-pow.

It ain't just me anymore. I've got two people way more important than me. And as long as I can breathe, I will make sure no harm comes to them. No matter the cost. The parental insanity has begun. You have all been advised accordingly.

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