June 22, 2009

Working from Home

So I had to leave work early today (sick nanny and sick baby), which was a bit of a tough deal, since this week is starting off with a bang. It happens. And we all know what "it" is. Nevertheless, I have managed, over the course of the last two hours to accomplish quite a bit.

While feeding Stella and bearing down on a copy of "Green Eggs and Ham" (a masterpiece book, useful in more ways than simple child's reading or fine storytelling after six beers), I finalized a complaint for filing tomorrow. I prepared James' grilled cheese while sending several emails about a problem file. When Stella conked out asleep, I fed James and searched for missing documents in a giant file (found em!). While I was searching and he was supposed to be eating, James grabbed my blackberry, and I snatched it promptly from him, saying as I always do: "Whoa, not yours, you're crazy." To which he repeated: "Phone. Craaaazy." Yup, you got that right.

Now, they are both asleep, which means I could have as little as one hour, and as many as three hours to work. Hooray!

I'm now scarfing down my first food of the day (cold oatmeal), thrown together in the thirty seconds after putting the wild monkey (aka "sweet baby James") down for his nap.

So I think, why not try to blog, work, and drive myself crazy, all at once? Afterall, why would I savor the peace and quiet, even for six seconds? Because I'm a nut, that's why. Peace and quiet does not work for me. Not that I'm complaining. I got myself into this "mess." And what a glorious, divine and beautiful mess it is.

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