July 13, 2009

Buried in Children - Part II

Typical Monday evening, pre-bath ritual. Setting: the doorway between the living room and our bedroom.

Stella is in the bouncer giggling, jumping like popcorn, and effectively wearing herself out for her 7-10 hours of straight sleep (have I mentioned how much I love her?).

Jason lays on the floor and attemps to read, while James leaps onto his back and rides him like a prize rodeo bull.

Usually, I am perched nearby, on the living room side of things, and James alternates between us like a ping pong bull rider and clown for Stella. "Jumping! Sissy! Jumping!"

Tonight, I took a break to capture this funny moment. Someday, I know I will miss this. And I wanted to always remember the feeling that this picture holds.

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