July 13, 2009

Dear Sweet Stella

Stella. She is the sweetest baby in the world.
She cracks up when I sing "La la la, Stella Girl" to the tune of "Elmo's world." And laughs at James, as he pummels her head with toys and tries to tie her hair like shoelaces. She is the perfect baby girl, and the perfect baby sister for James. I am so glad she is in our family.

And now, sweet baby Stella is an official "sitter." Just like that, she's growing up.

After a run on the treadmill tonight, I emerge to see Jason with Stella in the Baby Bjorn. We affectionately call her Jason's "mini-me" (as you can see why). But I think back, trying to wrangle James into the Bjorn, and he would have none of it. And here, Stella loves it.

Luckily for her (and the rest of us), it appears that she also has Jason's temperment. Whew, that was a close one. Two scorpios (me and James) under one roof is probably adequate.

I love you, Stella girl. You are THE sweetest thing in drooly bib and hat. I love you so so so. La la la la.

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