July 9, 2009

Love You

Tonight, I had the rare occasion to put James down to bed. Jason usually does it, taking James upstairs to the bath, while I fly past with Stella. I scream "night, buddy," and head to Stella's room for the rocking. Jason had the grill going, so I "volunteered" to take James tonight. (Really, I was just starving. Other motives.)

My boy and I rocked a little, did a short round of "ABC's" and I put him in his crib, surrounded by Piglet, Doghead, Kitten and Doghead II. He had his paci strategically placed in the side of his mouth.

"Night, night buddy," I said heading towards the door.

"Night. Night," he said.

I smiled, and began to close the door. "Love you," I said.

He grinned at me, paci sideways. "Uv you."

And the tears, they flowed like rain. I've been waiting for "uv you" for months.
And today was the day.

He's becoming a boy, right before my eyes. Shortly, he'll be a teenager and hate me. I am soaking this all up.

Uv you too, buddy.

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