July 23, 2009


What happened to my backyard? Oh that's right, I have toys now. Not cool toys, like a patio with fire pit, or a giant grill get-up. But a cool toy like inflatable backyard oasis. Boo yow. You are so jealous.

I am in still in awe of that fact that less than two years ago... there were only two of us. Now, there are four?

I am also in awe of the human condition. Said human condition being lying, cheating, and deceit. I used to hang my hat on the fact I would have children because of this horrible world, and the harsh realities of it -"why bring a child into this world?" Well, that seems a little cynical and ridiculous, because obviously, kids seem to be THE reason to be in this blasted world.

I suppose I'm having a plain, ole hard time right now in a few ways, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am sleep deprived while juggling work and children. It has nothing to do with my family, and the people I trust. Rather, I think when one prides herself in her family, coupled with the ability to "do it all" and (do it all pretty damn well)...and then suddenly "doing it all" seems like a bloody mistake. Where does one go from there?

For now, I do not over-analyze it. I will put my feet up, snuggle up to my hubby, and listen to the precious babbling of my son over the baby monitor. A friend told me today: the stuff that really matters isn't in the four walls of an office. Seems obvious, but sometimes hard to remember. Twenty years from now, will I really care that I managed to write a brief in record time? Somehow, I doubt it.

Well, I'm printing t-shirts if anyone is interested in this message.

Love to you,

PS - I think a weekend in the Atwood water park is just what the doctor ordered.

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