July 31, 2009

Poison Control

Stopped by the store on my way home from work this evening. Picked up some veggies, some steak for the grill, and some dishwasher detergent.

James likes to help me unpack groceries, and I didn't think much of the fact that he was playing with the groceries, and even the plastic dishwasher detergent container. I was stupidly under the misunderstanding that those types of containers were actually sealed. Ketchup, mustard, toothpaste ---anything you care to ingest or put in your mouth has a seal; the scary stuff does not. Just for the record.

Pretty soon thereafter, we notice that James has the container and is "painting" with the liquid detergent. Luckily, he was only painting on the carpet, and he didn't appear to have ingested any. I grabbed him and stuffed my entire nose in his mouth, smelling for the lemon scent. I smelled his right hand (nothing), and his left fingers appeared to be the only issues. We washed hands and mouth. I asked him if he drank any soap, and he said, "Icky." I guess not. I gave him some water and Goldfish.

Jason called Poison Control, because that is what I was told to do in all my parenting books: wash mouth out, make child chug water, call Poison Control. We reported the brand, noted that the main problematic ingredient was bleach, and they did a database search. Recommednation: make sure James was eating, drinking water, and if he started foaming at the mouth and vomiting, to call them back. Got it.

Well, two hours later, there is no foaming at the mouth, no vomiting, and only a routine post-dinner poopy diaper. I did notice, however, that his solid navy blue pants had taken on a tie-dyed look.

Apparently, James had also "painted" his pants. And the bleach in the detergent made a lovely hue.

Crisis averted. No sick child, and only a pair of pants painted. I prefer the painted pants over the pooped pants. Not too bad for a Friday. I'll take it.


Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh my!...Kids can scare the hell out of us some times right???
Good thing he just played with it!...
Have a great week.
Take care.

Kelly Koenig said...

So glad disaster averted! I bet you were scared!