August 11, 2009


Sitting on the back deck with James is becoming somewhat of a tradition. We rock and chat and see how many things outside he can name. I love his babble, his attempts at sentences. Today killed me with the giggles.

"James, do you see the trees?"

He says, "Trees. Yes. Trees.
Dine-saur. Eyes." Close, but not quite. At least, I hope our yard does not have dinosaurs. It might, though. We have a fairly high part out back.

I ask, "Do you see the sky?"

He responds, "Yes. I see it. Sky. I see it. Puppy. Tail."

By the way, I am quite impressed by his use of 'I see it.' Almost as impressed as when he says, 'Tickle Dinosaur' and 'Mommy, sit down.'

"Oh, James, " I finally say, "Do you see the clouds - the pretty clouds?"

He looks up to where I am pointing and crinkles his nose. He looks at me, back to the sky.
I say, "Clouds, James. Do you see them?"

He looks puzzled. Again, I repeat, "Clouds?"

Finally, he looks at me, shakes his head and says,

"No. No. No. Clowns. No clowns. Sky."

Smart boy. Right-o. There are no clowns in the sky. That would do me in.

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