August 29, 2009

Green Thumbs

Our little seedling garden started its transplant to the "big" garden today, and James' green thumbs have officially sprouted. He loves "planta the seeds" and the "dirt dirt dirt." He loves his daddy. And I love his daddy too.

On the way upstairs to his bed a few nights ago, he gave me a big kiss...afterwards he said, "I kissa that Mommy." That doesn't really speak to the green thumbs theme, but I had to include it before I forgot.

Stella girl is officially a big girl. She likes football. She is out of her baby car carrier, uses a highchair in restaurants, and is in her Britax rear-facing big girl carseat. She's starting to babble, and I swear she said "da da," but I refuse for her first word ALSO to be "dada", so I am stubbornly pushing for "mama." I just keep trying.

I love this picture, because I have a very similar one of Jason and James.... I just have to find it....

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