August 10, 2009

Party Planning?

Our son is almost two.

And that means a new birthday party. Sigh. I used to love parties - cocktail parties where I had all evenings after work to shop for napkins and Bacardi. The operative love word being "cocktail," and oh yes, "Bacardi." And now, I cannot even figure out how to order party plates from Oriental Trading. Maybe I need a party planner. Ha ha ha. Do you find a party planner in the same building as a vacation planner? Do those people "really" exist and have offices, or are they just urban legend? Even funnier than a vacation a planned vacation. Another sigh.

Anyway, this year's party for James is going to be much smaller (er, cheaper) than last year. Although I still think I will splurge on the cake. Sweet Stuff Cakes gets some free advertising here ( and James' fabulous 1st birthday Monkey Cake and mini-moneky cake. Both cakes were adorable, and both cakes were delicious. I polished off James' mini-cake last year (cut me some slack, I was 7 months pregnant with Stella).... but even now, I am salivating thinking of the next creation.

This year's theme by default is "DINE-SAUR! Dine-saur eyes! Dine-saur nose! Dine-saur "Corns!" Dine-saur ears! Dine-saur feet!" Everything, everything... dinosaur.
I am emailing Elaine at Sweet Stuff Cakes now. At least it's a step (er, stomp stomp stomp [to keep with the dinosaur theme]) in the right direction.

James' First Birthday, October 25, 2008

Cut me some slack. Only two short months later, we must have Stella's big one year bash... on New Year's Eve. I vote for champagne and hors dourves! I think sophistocated, sweet Stella would agree!

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The Brooks Family said...

Oh honey, you better enjoy this time of your life. I say that because we have recently entered a new phase of what I like to call "birthday party hell." Logan was in pre-k last year and we attended 25,493 birthday parties. And now our former innocent and easily pleased little man is a birthday party expert. He has informed me of all of the things that he wants to have at his party: the theme of the party(spiderman of course), a cake like Drew had, a pinata like Bella had, putt-putt like Holt had and gifts like Logan H. got. Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!?! When we were kids we were just happy if we got to have a party at all. Now kids want parties that require their parents to work overtime and take out second mortgages on their homes!!! And so now I look back fondly at his first few birthday parties where I was frazzled and worried about the details, and he didn't give a damn about anything besides eating the cake and running in circles with a balloon. But,it's ok. I will survive this too. As long as he is happy and never EVER mentions Chuck E Cheese then I will be a happy Mama.