September 12, 2009

Under Water

The purchase of the Annual Pass to the Georgia Aquarium may be the best money ever spent, in the history of the entire world. James was thrilled, Stella was mesmerized, and Jason and I had a relaxing time. Nice. I am still in shock that a Saturday could be so awesome.

James saw the giant crabs ("oooooh, scared"), the giant saltwater fish tank ("fishy! fishy! wow-eeee! shark! fish! plant! fish! oooooh") and the beluga whales ("oooh, whale whale! [pause]...scared!!)

In the spirit of the day, we gleefully ate Goldfish crackers and ice cream on the way home. As the kids now nap, and I am seconds away from settling into the couch to watch a movie, I feel pretty relaxed. Probably more relaxed than I have felt in two years. I think...maybe we're finally coming up for air, as James is nearing two, and Stella nearing nine months. Slowly, if ever so intangibly, I am feeling that under water sensation...lightly fading away.

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