September 6, 2009

War Wounds

We officially have a BOY. A boy with a scrape on his chin, a nick on his nose, and big boo-boo on his forehead from a fight with the fireplace (he lost). His poor face is a constant war wound. The battle? The terrible twos... looming in the distance like a silent enemy.

Another casualty in this war is Stella. But she is becoming quite the fighter - she grabs, pulls and pinches. Her training regimen is flawless. This place is going to be quite the battlefield by Christmas.

Finally, the last fallen soldier is my antique black-and-white toile covered chair. I obviously did not care enough about it to hide it since having children. But still, in theory - I loved it. Now, there are beautiful Pollack-esque streaks across the seat. In orange Crayola. Thank you, James. Yes, it is a beautiful "drawed dinosaur."

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