October 31, 2009

He's Two... and it's already Halloween?

So our boy is now two years old. We celebrated with a Thomas the Train birthday party with family, and he had a great time. He's definitely two. And there really is no doubt. He's definitely two. Two, two, two. That's all I think about, and all I hear in my mind. He's one tough little cookie, and I blindly attribute it to the fact that it "must" be sheer talent and brillance, and not merely a case of the bad-boy-bratdom. At least, that's what I am hoping.

Today was Halloween, and we did the lamest thing ever. The mall and then Publix for "trick or treating." Oh well, it worked out fine in the end.

Oh, and Stella is 10 months old today. Where did THAT time go?

We had doctor's checkup appointments earlier in the week. Both are healthy and wonderful. James has entered into "average" stats - he's now in the 75% percentile for height, and 50% for weight at 27 pounds. Stella is at 95% for both, weighing in at a brick house of 22 pounds. Go girl! She needs the heft to take on that brother of hers.

Life has been so chaotic lately... I feel as if there have been no free moments.

I am looking so forward to next Friday. I turn 30 this month, and Jason and I are headed to an adults only weekend in Atlanta... restaurants, drinks, hotel, spa days... I cannot wait. It's just what the shrink has ordered!

Happy Halloween

October 22, 2009


So I haven't posted anything in quite a while. This month has felt like a trip to the looney bin.

Jason has been out of town almost twelve days (returns tomorrow, thank the Lord). I was sick. The kids were sick. Our nanny was sick. The kids were sick. A cycle. I missed work, I worked all hours of the night to catch up. The second my head hit the pillow, the kids were awake. It was nutter-butter-dom, and I am going to be glad when blissful October ends.

But October is always a month to remember for the old Atwoods. 8 years of marriage this month.

And the hardest labor in the history of mankind (James) and the biggest stinker of a boy celebrates two years on Sunday (also James). Let's put it this way... today is Thursday. I went into labor two years ago, on the 21st of October. And let me re-emphasize that he was not born until the 25th. Nuff said.

Our life is hilarious with these two rascals. Stella is becoming bold and strong and silly. She eats whole pieces of food, and has found her voice. She eats books like her brother did.

James has turned a big corner from the terrible twos, and is covering us in kisses, hugs and saying things like "love you, mommy" and "i like you." I melt. My boy. I knew the sweetness would return.

There are so many stories that I have failed to document this month. I would say that I will remember them and post them later. But all I remember is the laughter. Our house is a Fun House, a Funny House... and years and years from now, I may not remember anything else. But I will remember that the Atwoods were a silly group of dingleberries.

October 12, 2009

Outta Town

So the hubs is out of town again, and I cannot for the life of me, figure out why the kids do not sleep when he is gone. James and Stella seem like everything is just fine, but then all night long... if it's not one up, it's the other. Bizarre. The 4:30 am wake up call, woke me up for good, and they are just starting to peep now. That means, I actually accomplished about 3 hours of work. Not bad on a day I considered a complete wash.

Well, from now until naptime at 1:00, I will be hidden in 100% kid world. Don't send an email, send a singing kid-o-gram. Time for oatmeal, penguins, crayons and poopy diapers.

October 6, 2009

Poop Patrol

Okay, so I now understand that kids involve diapers. (I grossly underestimated the number and capacity of diapers, but still, I knew that diapers were a parenting issue.) And I also now figured that boy babies often do pee all over their parents, the walls, the cribs, etc. (Again, gross underestimation..)

However, I did NOT know nor estimate that children... meant that poo... could be unleashed ....and let loose from the diaper when the kid learned to remove said diaper.

As my co-worker politely put it: Looks like a giant rabbit was let loose in our house.

Luckily, I caught the "unleashing" immediately, and also... caught Stella as she was heading straight for it...and right before she "caught" one of the little treasures.

Oh, the humanity.