October 31, 2009

He's Two... and it's already Halloween?

So our boy is now two years old. We celebrated with a Thomas the Train birthday party with family, and he had a great time. He's definitely two. And there really is no doubt. He's definitely two. Two, two, two. That's all I think about, and all I hear in my mind. He's one tough little cookie, and I blindly attribute it to the fact that it "must" be sheer talent and brillance, and not merely a case of the bad-boy-bratdom. At least, that's what I am hoping.

Today was Halloween, and we did the lamest thing ever. The mall and then Publix for "trick or treating." Oh well, it worked out fine in the end.

Oh, and Stella is 10 months old today. Where did THAT time go?

We had doctor's checkup appointments earlier in the week. Both are healthy and wonderful. James has entered into "average" stats - he's now in the 75% percentile for height, and 50% for weight at 27 pounds. Stella is at 95% for both, weighing in at a brick house of 22 pounds. Go girl! She needs the heft to take on that brother of hers.

Life has been so chaotic lately... I feel as if there have been no free moments.

I am looking so forward to next Friday. I turn 30 this month, and Jason and I are headed to an adults only weekend in Atlanta... restaurants, drinks, hotel, spa days... I cannot wait. It's just what the shrink has ordered!

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becky said...

Hang in there, grrrl. That's all we can do these days! :)