November 19, 2009

And the Truth Shall Set You Free

Recently, I have found out some interesting truths about a person I considered a friend. Well, the truth is... this person is a liar. And the scary kind of liar. The look-you-in-the-eye-shed-tears kind of liar. The quick on the feet with a cover-up lie kind of liar. The freaky kind. Whatever. For me, this friendship was on a "three-strikes you're out" budget. One lie can be overlooked for the sake of team friendship. Two lies can chop away at the soul of the thing, just ever so little, make the conversations a little more grating, one-sided. But three lies, well, that is simply the end of the friendship road for me (and henceforth, the end of bad friendship analogies in this blog post!)

So I thought I might be devastated, but the freedom to release this liar from my life feels euphoric, right and downright special. Instead of dwelling on a parasitic situation, I will forget about it. I will hug and love my little fireball babies to the best of my non-child-centered-parent ability. My husband and I will attempt another P90x workout tonight (oh, the humanity). I will work diligently and carefully and at all hours of the night (and morning). I will take care of those who really matter.

And finally, I will spend a teeny-tiny amount of energy blogging and trying to allow people to find humor in the not-so-sunny side of parenting. And for those who think parenting is this static, serious situation -well, the "ESC"'s the top button on the left side of your keyboard. Push it.

If only there was an "ESC" key in the day-to-day....

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